• Los Angeles, City of Water

    On December 7, 2014, The New York Times Week in Review included an opinion editorial piece by JACQUES LESLIEDEC which focuses about how the Los Angeles Region is leading the way in the arid Southwest for cities that are becoming “water sustainable”reducing their reliance on imported water from other regions and making better use of local resources.

  • Sacramento beats L.A. in water conservation

    Sacramento residents recently achieved something significant in dealing with the drought gripping California: In November, they used less water per person than residents of Los Angeles.

From the UCLA Environment Newsroom


A blueprint for lowering emissions at the beach

By Juan Matute, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs A team of students from the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability’s Environmental Science Practicum worked with the City of Hermosa Beach, researching options to decarbonize the community’s electricity supply. First, … Continued


Can California’s Water Ever Be Sustainable?
With a growing population, ongoing drought, and the increasing impact of climate change, California has no choice but to better manage its limited water resources. We’ve seen the consequences of mismanagement through a degrading delta ecosystem, overdraft of groundwater basins statewide, and numerous farms without water allocations. Clearly we cannot continue in this vein. Mark Gold, acting director, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, moderates a panel with Jeffrey Kightlinger, general manager, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California; Felicia Marcus, chair, State Water Resources Control and Ellen Hanak, senior fellow, Public Policy Institute of California.
February 5, 2015
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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