Lake Mead. Photo credit: Glen MacDonald
Lake Mead. Photo credit: Glen MacDonald

The goal of the Water Resources Group is to foster communication and collaboration, develop new research synergies, quickly and effectively inform policy makers about the latest in science, technology and policy options, and communicate and work with the private sector and the public to develop sustainable water resources in southern California.

About the UCLA Water Resources Group

The UCLA Water Resources Group brings together water resource experts from across the UCLA campus and water resources researchers, managers and policy makers from beyond the campus.

Water resources – providing enough clean drinking water, water for agricultural irrigation and water for industry to support the growing population of California, the Southwest and other Arid and Semi Arid regions of the world will be a defining challenge of the 21st century. Since prehistory, the people of southern California and the Southwest have grappled with the challenge of obtaining sufficient water to support themselves. 

UCLA and the Southern California region have long worked to develop the cutting-edge science, engineering and policy solutions needed to meet the challenges of living in a semi-arid environment. The work at UCLA and in Southern California can benefit the State and the Southwest, and can also be applied throughout the drylands of the earth, from Mexico to North Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and India, from Australia to South America and Southern Africa. The challenges are great, but the work is exciting and the opportunities many. The time for collaboration beyond disciplines, regions and countries is now.

We believe that UCLA and southern California can serve as a model and source of water resource solutions nationally and internationally.

For more information please contact Madelyn Glickfeld

Madelyn Glickfeld

Assistant Director for Outreach and Strategic Initiatives and UCLA Water Resources Group Director Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Tel: (310) 962-6120

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