​Julie Loisel

Postdoctoral Research Scholar Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

La Kretz Hall

Suite 300

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1496

Tel: (484) 350-9346

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Research interests

My main goal as a scientist is to understand the workings of natural ecosystems to ultimately provide guidance to stakeholders in the fields of policy, industry, civil society, and natural resource management. I believe it is my role to consolidate knowledge about climate change and its impacts on ecosystem dynamics, and to help transferring my expertise into action that promotes sustainable practices.

Over the past decade, my work as a paleoclimatologist has primarily aimed at (1) reconstructing past climatic conditions in high-latitude regions, and (2) analyzing how these past climatic changes have impacted ecosystem dynamics in terms of their structure and function. I have worked on core samples and landscape evolution questions in Alaska, Canada, Kamchatka (Russia), Patagonia (South America), and Antarctica. I am also planning a project that aims at quantifying the spatial distribution of belowground soil-carbon stocks and calculating national soil-carbon reference levels as defined by the United Nation Climate Change Conference.


Ph.D. Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University, USA (2012)

M.Sc. Physical Geography, Université du Québec - Montréal, Canada (2008)

B.Sc. Physical Geography, Université du Québec - Montréal, Canada (2006)

Current project

At UCLA, I am studying climate change in the US southwest and its impacts on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. I am gathering, synthesizing, and analyzing records of past climate change (e.g., charcoal, pollen, plant macrofossils, isotopes), with a focus on warm and dry events that have occurred over the past 12,000 years to help assessing the natural variability of the regional climate. These datasets will be used to test climate models and provide stakeholders with information related to ecosystem sensitivity to changing hydrological and climatic conditions.

Recent publications

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