Eric M.V. Hoek

Professor Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

5732G Boelter Hall

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1593

Tel: (310) 206-3735

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Ph.D., Chemical Eng. Dept.; Environmental Eng. Program; Yale University (2002)
M.S., Chemical Eng. Dept.; Environmental Eng. Program; Yale University (1999)
M.S., Civil & Environmental Engineering Dept.; Environmental Eng. Program; UCLA (1996)
B.S., Civil & Environmental Engineering Dept.; Minor: Environmental Eng.; Penn State University

Research Interests

Our general research interests revolve around nanomaterials and membrane technologies applied to water purification, renewable energy, and environmental protection – all keys to sustainability.

For many years, our research has focused on ways to improve performance, reduce cost, and mitigate environmental impacts associated with membrane-based desalination and advanced water treatment processes. In this pursuit, we have developed better diagnostic tools, methods, and models as well as advanced membrane materials, module, and process designs. For example, forging a union between nanotechnology and membranes we recently created a new class of "thin film nanocomposite" reverse osmosis membranes, which are now being developed commercially. More recently, we are extending our research on nanotechnology to consider new nano-membranes, nano-sorbents, and nano-catalysts for water purification, renewable energy production, and environmental remediation. In addition, we collaborate with medical and environmental scientists to understand potential human health and environmental impacts of nanotechnology.

The broader impact of our research is to enhance sustainability in California (and beyond), while training the next generation of environmental engineers.