Alexandria Jackson

Apogee Electronics

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A Southern California native, Alexandria Jackson grew up with a proclivity for recognizing and reacting to the natural beauty that surrounded her. Her teenage years lent themselves to understanding the camera as she began capturing what she saw not only in people but also how they fit into their otherwise overlooked environments. Working as a freelance photographer, Alex has traveled to India, Egypt, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico, various countries in Africa and Europe and to Israel and Palestine for a variety of projects ranging from commercial to documentary work.

Alex's extensive travels inspired both her environmental and humanitarian work at home and abroad. Alex has worked closely with CARE International, serves on the board of The Corazon de Vida Foundation and also heads up Apogee Electronic's extensive global philanthropic and environmental activity.

Alex is a graduate of The University of California, Berkeley, in Political Science and is currently working as a film producer and finishing her masters in film at The University of Southern California.