Courses for the Leaders in Sustainability Program

Four courses are required to obtain the LiS certificate (16 total quarter units). Courses must be letter graded. Courses must be graduate level (200 and above). Included in these four is the LiS core course (required for all students, 4 units) and three additional courses to be chosen by the student. All three additional courses must be sustainability related. At least one of these three sustainability courses must be outside the student's home department. A course is not automatically "in" or "out", as we approve portfolios of courses rather than specific courses. A student has to demonstrate subject matter "breadth" in order to get the LiS Certificate".

A list of examples of courses previously approved can be found in this Google Doc. This is not a complete list of all possible courses. As departments change their course listings, timings, professors, and even content quarterly, we cannot keep this list perfectly up to date, so please do due diligence by visiting the department pages and reviewing the course's status. Also, if you find a course that addresses the sustainability and is relevant to the curriculum, you can submit the course description and syllabus for approval.

"Can I take more than 4 courses?" Yes! Students must take the minimum 16 quarter units requirement, but this can be satisfied in a number of ways (eg, multiple two-unit courses, mulitple four unit courses, a six-unit and a two-unit course, etc) and students are more than welcome to go above and beyond the requirement.

Each student must submit a petition to graduate with their course plan in the Fall before their graduation, click here to access the petition to graduate form.

View Winter 2015 Core Course Syllabus

See the suggested course list, and note that it is not comprehensive. Course times and instructors are subject to change.

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LiS Application Deadline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Leaders in Sustainability Petition to Graduate

LiS Petition to Graduate Spring 2016

Deadline May 1, 2016.

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Ariana Vito
Ariana Vito

Student Coordinator, LiS Program

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