The Extraordinary Climates of the Eastern Tropical Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

A Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Seminar featuring Dr. C. Roberto Mechoso, Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, UCLA

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
3:30 PM
MSB 7124


The climates of the eastern tropical Pacific and Atlantic oceans are shaped by an extraordinary combination of interactions and feedbacks among the atmosphere, ocean, land, clouds, and the aerosol.  Numerical models make significant systematic errors in these regions, which generate serious uncertainties on their predictions of future climates and their variability.  Hence, reducing the models’ systematic errors in the eastern tropical Pacific and Atlantic oceans has become a subject of great interest to the climate community. Progress towards this goal requires a better understanding of these climates and an improved simulation of their key physical processes.

The present talk will start by reviewing the physical processes and feedbacks at work in the eastern tropical Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is shown that, despite the overall similarities, there are significant interbasin differences.  The next topic will describe model upgrades and contrast the interbasin differences in error reduction. Finally, new ideas will be discussed according to which improving the simulation of regional processes may not suffice for overall better model performance, as the effects of remote biases may override them.

SEMINAR TEA:  4:30-5:00PM (MSB 7124B)