California NanoSystems Institute Special Lecture

“Innovative solutions for sustainable energy and personalized healthcare: A role for nanotechnology”

California NanoSystems Institute Special Lecture

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
3:30 PM
CNSI Auditorium


Shana O. Kelley
Professor, Biochemistry at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Medicine
Special Fulbright Canada Chair at the California Nano Systems Insitute (CNSI) at UCLA


Ted Sargent
Vice-Dean, Research, for the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering &
Professor in The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
Fulbright Canada Chair at the California Nano Systems Insitute (CNSI) at UCLA

Two of society's most urgent needs – our growing demand for energy in a world with finite reserve of fossil fuels and the need to improve patient quality of life at a cost we can afford – present opportunities for the nanotechnologist. Scientists working at the nanometer scale – one billionth of a meter – are increasingly fashioning custom materials with precisely designed properties. We are endowing matter with new light-absorbing, electron-harvesting, molecule-analyzing, and state-reporting properties that are programmed in at the time of chemical synthesis and materials fabrication.

We will present the latest breakthroughs in solar cell technologies: flexible photovoltaic devices, printed like newspapers, that make the best use of the sun's broad visible and infrared spectrum. We will also discuss progress towards rapid, point-of-care, low-cost molecular diagnostics technologies that enable the early and sensitive detection of disease, results that guide the physician towards more responsive and more effective treatment solutions.

The talk will include both the latest advances in the lab and a discussion of the commercialization of these technologies in the form of start-ups InVisage Technologies and Xagenic.

Sponsored by CNSI and Fulbright Canada, in association with Canadian Studies Program, UCLA International Institute