Energy and Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Passenger Transportation

The California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA invites you to attend a brown bag lunch with Dr. Mikhail Chester, with special introduction by Juan Matute, CCSC Researcher and Director of Local Climate Change Initiatives at UCLA School of Public Affairs

Energy and Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Passenger Transportation

Monday, February 25, 2013
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
La Kretz Hall, 3rd Floor
Conference Room

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Dr. Chester will present several recent projects, including:

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Los Angeles Meetro's Orange bus rapid transit and Gold light rail lines
  • LCA of California High Speed Rail
  • LCA of the Phoenix light rail

The presentation and discussion will emphasize the importance of comprehensive environmental assessments in transportation policy and the need for broad thinking that includes both technical and behavioral dimensions.

About LCA: The energy and environmental life cycle assessment of passenger transportation systems has shown that infrastructure and supply chains contribute significantly to a trip's footprint. Early transportation LCAs were largely focused on developing methods for quantifying indirect and supply chain effects. As the research has advanced it has become more focused on informing policies and decisions for future systems, and the importance of structuring analyses around prospective outcomes instead of retrospective footprints. This is particularly important for new public transit modes that are being positioned to help meet environmental goals.

About the speaker

Dr. Chester is an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University and a research at the CCSC at UCLA. His area of expertise is energy and environmental life-cycle assessment of large infrastructure. His research has focused on transportation systems including automobiles, buses, trains, and aircraft.

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