Pole to Pole: A Global WarNing - How the Ice Foretells the Next Systemic Transformation

An Oppenheim Lecture featuring Sebastian Copeland, award-winning photographer, explorer, extreme athlete, and environmental advocate.


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Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul

In 2009 Sebastian Copeland walked to the geographic North Pole, to honor the 100th anniversary of Admiral Peary’s first expedition to the geographic North Pole, and to do this before the Arctic ice became too thin from global warming to make the trip by foot. Since then he has also travelled across the ice in Greenland and Antarctica. In his lecture, Mr. Copeland gave the audience a firsthand description of the enormous changes in the Arctic as the ice disappears, explaining the geopolitical consequences of these changes at the Poles. He also related what he thinks we can do to protect the Poles and the planet.

Sebastian Copeland Presents: Greenland 2012 Legacy Crossing. To watch this video on YouTube click here.