ESE Dissertation

An Environmental Science and Engineering dissertation must be scholarly and original work applied towards solving a significant environmental problem. As with Problems Courses, dissertations typically address policy as well as technical dimensions of a particular problem. The dissertation is usually completed in 18-36 months.

Recent Dissertations

  • Forrest Brown Vanderbilt. 2013.
    "Protecting and Restoring our Nation's Waters: The Effects of Science, Law, and Policy on Clean Water Act Jurisdiction with a focus on the Arid West"
    Richard Ambrose, Chair, Host Institution: U. S. Army Corp of Engineers, Savannah Georgia.
  • Jane Curren. 2012.
    "Characterization of Odor Nuisance"
    Irwin Suffet, Chair, Host Institution: URS
  • Chad Nelsen. 2012.
    "Collecting and Using Economic Information to Guide The Management of Coastal Recreational Resources in California"
    Richard Ambrose, Chair, Host Institution: Surfrider Foundation
  • Meng-Horng Hsu. 2012.
    "The Effects of Dissolved Organic Matter on Pollutant Removal and Formation in Aquatic Environment: From Stormwater to Drinking Water"
    Irwin Suffet, Chair, Host Institution: Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Leila Grace Lackey. 2012.
    "Design of an Aquatic Resource Status and Trends Monitoring Program for California"
    Richard Ambrose, Chair, Host Institution: Southern California Coastal Water Research Project.
  • Nicholas Simon Nairn-Birch. 2012.
    "Three Essays in Business Management, the Natural Environment, and Environmental Policy"
    Magali Delmas, Chair, Host Institution: U.S. EPA Washington D.C.
  • Adrienne Katner. 2011.
    "Assessment of Louisiana's Fish Tissue Mercury Levels, Sportfish Consumption, Methylmercury Intake and Potential Risk: Implications for Monitoring, Advisory Development and Outreach"
    Irwin Suffet, Chair, Host Institution: Louisiana Office of Public Health.
  • Calvin Lee Kwan. 2011.
    "Progressing Deployment of Solar Photovoltaic Installations in the United States"
    Matthew Kahn, Chair. Host Institution: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
  • Marc-Andre Philibert. 2011.
    "Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) to Help Optimize Drinking Water Treatment"
    Irwin Suffet, Chair. Host Institution: Suez Environmental.
  • Alex Revchuk. 2011.
    "Wildfire-Induced Physicochemical Changes in Dissolved Natural Organic Matter: Watershed Dynamics and Water Treatment"
    Irwin Suffet, Chair. Host Institution: Water Quality and Treatment Solutions, Inc.
  • Keith Thomsen. 2010.
    "Identification and Evaluation of Influences and Motivations Related to Participation in the Los Angeles County Yard Waste Management Program"
    Irwin Suffet, Chair. Host Institution: BioContractors, Inc.
  • Melissa Evanson. 2009.
    "Chinook Salmon Population Dynamics and Life History Strategies in the Squamish River Watershed, BC, Canada"
    Richard Ambrose, Chair. Host Institution: Golder Associates, Ltd.
  • Felicia Federico. 2009.
    "Managing Hydromodification Impacts Due to Urbanization Through the Regulation of New Development and Re-development in California"
    Richard Ambrose and Terri Hogue, Co-Chairs. Host Institution: GeoSyntec Consultants.
  • Frederick Gerringer. 2009.
    "Relationships between Natural Organic Matter Characteristics, Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment and Membrane Performance"
    Irwin Suffet, Chair. Host Institution: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.
  • Kathleen Kozawa. 2009.
    "Investigation of Pollution Concentrations and Pollution Concentration Gradients in Communities Adjacent to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Using a Mobile Monitoring Platform"
    Arthur Winter, Chair. Host Institution: Air Resources Board.
  • F. Dane Westerdahl. 2009.
    "Ultrafine Particles and Associated Pollutants on Roadways and in Community Air of Los Angeles California, Beijing China, and the Los Angeles International Airport"
    William Hinds, Chair. Host Institution: Air Resources Board.
  • Matthew Buffleben. 2009.
    "Assessment of Soil Creep Sediment Generation for Total Maximum Daily Load Development in a Northern Coastal California Watershed"
    Richard Ambrose and Stanley Trimble, Co-Chairs. Host Institution: North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board.
  • Cody Livingston. 2008.
    "Development and Application of a Validated Method for Measurements of Ammonia Emissions from In-Use Vehicles on a Chassis Dynamometer"
    Arthur Winer, Chair. Host Institution: Air Resources Board.
  • Xueying Wu. 2008.
    "Nitrification Control in Chloraminated Drinking Water Distribution Systems Using Chlorite Ion"
    Irwin Suffet, Chair. Host Institution: Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.
  • Cara Augustenborg. 2007.
    "Nitrogen Recycling for the Sustainability of Irish Agriculture"
    Irwin Suffet, Chair. Host Institution: Teagasc Environmental Research Centre, Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority, Wexford, Ireland.
  • Sarah Rothenberg. 2007.
    "Mercury Cycling in a Coastal Estuary and Implications for Mercury Total Maximum Daily Loads"
    Jennifer Jay and Richard Ambrose, Co-Chairs. Host Institution: Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board.

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