Brief compilation of ongoing and completed research at the Coastal Center.

Biogeochemical model on ocean acidification, hypoxia and nutrient flow in the Southern California Bight:
Curtis Deutsch and Jim McWilliams - proposal submitted to the California Ocean Protection Council.

Anthropogenic influences on biodiversity in Indonesian coral reefs
Paul Barber - received an NSF PIRE grant. 
For the first time, autonomous reef monitoring structures will be placed to compare human impacted reefs (downstream of watersheds with urban development, agriculture, forestry, and mining) and reference reefs.

Impacts of climate change on California coastal wetlands
Rich Ambrose, Glen MacDonald and the Southwest Climate Center - funded by USGS.

Development of a Southern California coastal wetland restoration manual of Best Management Practices 
Rich Ambrose, Mark Gold, Glen MacDonald - Marisla Foundation grant

Establishment of Marine Protected Area boundaries in Southern California and the Channel Islands
Rich Ambrose - key member of Scientific Advisory Committee for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife – completed.

Anthropogenic impacts on estuaries and lagoons in southern California

1. Peggy Fong - focus on sedimentation and nutrient impacts on algal and sea grass communities.

2. Dave Jacobs - anthropogenic impacts on fish biodiversity in coastal estuaries in California and Baja California.

Pollution impacts on coastal resources

1. Mike Stenstrom - wide variety of stormwater pollution and wastewater treatment including stormwater pollutant loading models, and BMP design and optimization efforts for Cal-Trans, Boeing and other facilities.

2. Keith Stolzenbach - completed extensive research on the aerial deposition loading contributions to polluted runoff in Santa Monica Bay. 

3. Mark Gold – collaboration with UC Berkeley and the Southern California Coastal Waters Research Project on the health risks of swimming at beaches with high densities of fecal indicator bacteria and pathogens.  Two studies have been completed, with another nearing completion and a study on the health risk of surfing at polluted beaches is up for State Clean Beach Initiative (CBI) funding. 

4. Jenny Jay - completing a CBI project on source tracking for pathogen and pathogen indicators in the Topanga Creek watershed that drains to the chronically polluted Topanga Beach.  She has completed similar efforts at numerous beaches in the region. – State Water Resources Control Board – CBI

Integrated water management study for the city of Los Angeles:
Stephanie Pincetl and Mark Gold in collaboration with Terri Hogue from the Colorado School of Mines
study to determine the most cost effective solutions to meet state and federal water quality standards, including those for Santa Monica and San Pedro Bays, while maximizing other beneficial uses including water supply, flood control, habitat and recreational open space. – City of Los Angeles, NSF