The California-Quebec Adventure: Linking Cap and Trade as a Path to Global Climate Action?

A symposium on the recent linkage of the California and Quebec cap-and-trade programs and its implication for broader international climate cooperation.

California-Quebec Adventure

Climate Cooperation Among Nations
Scholars and policy specialists from the U.S. and Canada convened at UCLA on March 31 for a symposium about the benefits and challenges involved in the linkage of California and Quebec‘s cap and trade programs.




Glen MacDonald, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Nadia Scipio del Campo representing the Canadian Consul General in Los Angeles

Alain Houde, Head of Post, Quebec Delegation in LA 


Keynote Panel: The Past, Present and Future of the California/Quebec Linkages 

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Introduction: Ann Carlson, UCLA School of Law

Jean-Yves Benoit, Director, Carbon Market Division, Climate Change Office, Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Wildlife and Parks

Michael Gibbs, Assistant Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board

9:55am - 11:35am    

The Economists: What are the benefits of this linkage?  What are its drawbacks, and how should we minimize them?

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Matthew Kahn, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, Moderator  PDF

J.R. DeShazo, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation PDF

Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné, Professor, Department of International Business, HEC Montreal.  PDF


Networking Lunch: Remarks by James Villeneuve, Consul General of Canada.

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Law Panel: What implementation challenges is the linkage creating?  How are they being addressed, and what more should be done?

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Katherine Trisolini, Loyola Law School, Moderator

Jean-Yves Benoit, Director, Carbon Market Division, Climate Change Office, Québec PDF

JP Brisson, Latham & Watkins

Danny Cullenward, UC Berkeley PDF

Michael Gibbs, Assistant Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board  PDF


Looking forward and beyond: How can the California/Quebec linkage serve as a building block for climate regulation outside these jurisdictions, including through enhanced international cooperation?

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Alex Wang, UCLA School of Law, moderator

Mark Jaccard, Professor, School of Resources and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver PDF

Erick Lachapelle, Assistant Professor, University of Montreal  PDF

Erica Morehouse, Political Scientist, Adjunct Professor, University of Montreal  PDF

Mark Wenzel, California Environmental Protection Agency


Summing Up

Ann Carlson and Matt Kahn


Cocktail Reception