Practicum 2013-2014

The following are the projects under production by IoES students for their practicum.

Toxic Release Inventory University Challenge

Students: Ha Hyun Chung, Carmen Marie-Therese Ehlinger, Fannie Hsieh, Leanna Huynh, Larry Yulin Lai, Amy Tat, Audrey Vinant-Tang

Client: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Advisor: Prof. Magali Delmas

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An assessment of the economic, environmental and social conditions that will allow the commercial exploitation of solar energy harvesting on Southern California water canals

Students: Taylor Cam Briglio, Jessica Marcy Galvan, Kelsey Marie Ivan, David Lee Mun, Brandon Michael Pullen, Elizabeth Anna Schneider, Ashley Chew Verhines

Client: The ADEPT Group, Inc.

Advisor: Prof. Matt Kahn

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Analysis of motile invertebrate data from MARINe rocky intertidal monitoring at Channel Islands National Park

Students: Kim Lee Bowen, Thomas Dickson Folker, Rachel Ker, Melissa Grace Klose, Julianne Louise Marshall, Sargam Saraf, Anna Ly Tram

Client: National Park Service

Advisor: Dr. Felicia Federico

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Phytoplankton biological community assessment: Case study at the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve

Students: Vanessa De Anda, Jessie Marie Jaeger, Jacquelyn Rose Lam, Kristine Leon, Anthony Rees Noren, Mahsa Ostowari, Ellisa Hannah Soberon

Client: The Bay Foundation

Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Shipe

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Evaluating factors that impact aquatic benthic macroinvertebrate communities in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California

Students: Rita Chang, Mark Sien-Gwun Chong, Nathaniel Willis Clark, Valentina Lin, Kevin Michael Tang, Jazmin Tostado, Alice Wong

Client: Heal The Bay

Advisor: Dr. Mark Gold

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Rethinking Water at UCLA Unicamp

Students: Hunter Leigh Connell, Charles Mcintyre Falconer, Daniel Ryan Fong, Kyle Sigdian Graycar, Diana Nguyen, Emily Ann Parker, Nathan Kai Tsang

Client: UCLA Unicamp

Advisor: Dr. Michael McGuire

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Estimating the Mass of VOC Pollutants in the West Coast Los Angeles Groundwater Basin

Students: Soseh Baboumian, Maya Keiko Bruguera, Albert Lu, Emilio Mendoza Ronquillo, Evan Tang, Ziqi Wan, Shihao Zhu

Client: Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board

Advisor: Travis Longcore and Travis Brooks

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Evaluating Certified Wildlife Habitats and the Minds Behind Them.

Students: Jennifer Mariko Chan, Terry Hugo Chen, Yuxin Jin, Nicole M Tachiki, Sara Louiz Vetter, Megan Leigh Vyenielo, Gina Yuan Zheng

Client: National Wildlife Federation

Advisor: Assoc. Adj. Prof. Travis Longcore

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Tuning the white light spectrum of residential lamps for reducing nocturnal insect attraction

Students: Hannah Lins Aldern, John Franklin Eggers, Steve Flores, Lesly Joanne Franco, Eric Hirshfield-Yamanishi, Laina Natalia Petrinec, Wilson Alexander Yan

Client: Philips Lighting

Advisor: Assoc. Adj. Prof. Travis Longcore

Assessing community choice aggregation for the City of Hermosa Beach and South Bay Cities

Students: Jessica Reid Hampton, Jonathan Godfrey Ho, Jessica Lynn Ryan Leigh, David Banas Limjoco, Steven H Odom, Adrian Daniel Salazar, Francis Vincent Villanueva

Client: City of Hermosa Beach

Advisor: Juan Matute

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Comparison of antibiotic resistant bacteria in meat products and downstream air and soils from conventional and antibiotic-free poultry facilities

Students: Carolyn Diane Collins, Edwin Giragossian, Allison Van Hornstra, Sarah Kamel, Andrea Elizabeth Maben, Benjamin Elliot Schmidt, Lauren Marie Sevigny

Client: Natural Resources Defense Council

Advisor: Helen Sanchez and Prof. Jenny Jay

Impact of Epiphytes on Seagrass Health in California Estuaries

Students: Maya Bruguera

Client: Honors Project

Advisor: Dr. Peggy Fong and Sarah Bittick

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