Practicum 2011-2012

The following are the final reports prepared by IoES students for the 2011-2012 Practicum.

Lifecycle Analysis Comparison of a Battery Electric Vehicle and a Conventional Gasoline Vehicle

Student(s): Kimberly Aguirre, Luke Eisenhardt, Christian Lim, Brittany Nelson, Alex Norring, Peter Slowik, and Nancy Tu

Client: California Air Resources Board

Advisor: Dr. Deepak Rajagopal

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Do Socioeconomic Factors Affect the Volume and Composition of Catch Basin Debris?

Student(s): Team Trash Talkers: Yingying Cai, Ching Yan Chan, Andrew Duncan, Josue Gonzalez, Tina Hoang, Brianna Lawrence, and Sheryl Parsons

Client: Heal the Bay and City of Los Angeles Watershed Protection Division

Advisor: Rebecca Shipe

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Eco-Certification Programs for Hotels in California: Determining Consumer Preferences for Green Hotels

Student(s): Anuraag Jhawar, Guneet Kohli, Jie Li, Neilufar Modiri, Veronica Mota, Ryan Nagy, Heiley Poon, and Clifford Shum

Client: Walt Disney Imagineering

Advisor: Magali Delmas

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Fecal indicator bacteria concentrations after rainfall events: Evaluating the 72-hour rain advisory period

Student(s): Michael Bordeaux, Ariel Flores, Rocio Flores, Raul Gaina, Danny Ong, Natasha Patel, and Catherine Wong

Client: Heal the Bay

Advisor: Rebecca Shipe

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Beyond The Kelp: Examining Fish Diversity and Economic Value of a Southern California Artificial Reef Mitigation Project

Student(s): Nauman Charania, Brittany Chow, Michael Glass, Christian Johnson, Calvin Kieu, Jason Miller, Shayan Sayadi, Carrie Smith, and Eric Wong

Client: Southern California Edison

Advisor: Jordan A. Rosencranz

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Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments for Terrestrial and Freshwater Vertebrates in the Mediterranean Coast Network of National Parks

Student(s): Brett Bova, Misa Downey, Natalie Marte, Justin Penn, Kirstie Ruppert, Karen Vu, and Shotaro Yamada

Client: National Park Service, Dr. Stacey Ostermann-Kelm

Advisor: Dr. Travis Longcore

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Potential Extent of Vineyard Development in the Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area

Student(s): Casey Goepel, Katherine Hoeberling, Fabrice Keto, Rogelio Pardo, Jake Palmquist, Melissa Traverso, and Ashton Yoon

Client: National Park Service

Advisor: Andrew Fricker

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Evaluating the Use of Plastic Shelters and Steel Cages To Improve Coast Live Oak Growth and Survival in Topanga Canyon and White Oak Farm of Malibu Creek

Student(s): Jessica Chen, Melissa Chin, Margaret Mackey, Tessa Reeder, and Tor Zipkin

Client: TreePeople

Advisor: Travis Brooks

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Large Mammal Movement in the Eastern Santa Monica Mountains

Student(s): Gabriel Albano, Tanya Bitcon, Maanya Condamoor, Sirena Lao, Greg Lopez, Ryan Sokolovsky, and Allen Vicencio

Client: Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority

Advisor: Dr. Erin Boydston, U.S. Geological Survey

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Vineyards in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Student(s): Kyle Cerniglia, Molly Cornfield, Nicole Grucky,Kris Holz, Michelle Honda, Amanda Martin, Harriet Torosyan, and Taylor Zisfain

Client: National Park Service, Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains, and National Resource Conservation Service

Advisor: Geoffrey Andrew Fricker

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Vegetation Change in Rancho Sierra Vista, Santa Monica Mountains.

Student(s): Jaryd Block, Devyn Bullock, Yessenia Chaiu, Brittney Laver, and Dennis Mabasa

Client: National Park Service

Advisor: Travis Brooks

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