Declaring the B.S. in Environmental Science

Instructions and resources for prospective Environmental Science students

Declaring the Environmental Science Major:

  1. Read all information pertaining to the Environmental Science major and its requirements under Academics on the IoES website.
  2. Sign up for the EnvSci mailing list
  3. To apply for the major and/or discuss requirements, please sign in for same day or future appointments at the front desk of La Kretz Hall, Suite 300. Counseling hours are generally Monday - Friday 10 am - 12 pm and 2 - 4 pm. Remember to bring your photo ID to the appointment.
  4. If you already have Junior or Senior standing, please complete and submit the Major Declaration petition, which includes a degree plan where you outline how to fulfill all remaining requirements. Include only the courses you still have to take. Completed courses or courses in progress are listed on your DPR and should not be included in the degree plan.
  5. You should be as detailed as possible in outlining your course plan. However, you may not be able to determine which specific upper division classes you can take for each requirement in future quarters. "Minor UD" for an Upper Division class in your minor, or “Climate” for the Climate Science requirement is acceptable. See sample plan below.
  6. A maximum of two courses in your minor may be applied towards the Environmental Science major. Please note the course overlap on the petition form E.g.: "Policy+ Minor".
  7. Include all other requirements for graduation including GE, Honors, other minors, pre-med etc. in your unit calculations.
  8. If you plan to take courses at a Community College after earning 105 quarter units, requirements may be met but units will not transfer in. Such classes should be listed as follows, e.g.: “Chem 14B (CC) – Units: 0”.
  9. Pay attention to units - while most upper division classes are 4 units, some (especially Ecology classes) may be 5 units.


Request a model DPR for Environmental Science with minor/concentration from your counseling unit or from the IoE counselor. Use the model DPR along with the following tools to complete the Major Declaration petition. Email the degree plan to the IoES counselor for review: Approved petitions should be printed, signed, and submitted to the IoES in person after review.

For more info contact:

Royce Dieckmann
Student Affairs Officer
Office: LS 2308
(310) 206-9193

For counseling, please sign in on the sheet outside Life Sciences 2308 for same day or future appointments. Counseling hours are generally Monday - Friday 10 am - 12 pm and 2 - 4 pm.

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