Environmental Science B.S. Awards

The IoES current offers two awards: an Academic Achievement Award and an Outstanding Service Award

Academic Achievement Award

The Environmental Science Academic Achievement Award recognizes the student with the highest level of academic achievement in his or her cohort.

2013 - Suzanna Clark

Honorable Mention: Grace (Chung-Yan) Ho, Johanna Heyer, Brooke Pickett, Vanessa Goh, Serena Lomonico

Outstanding Service Award

The Environmental Science Outstanding Service Award recognizes a student who has shown exceptional engagement in environmental and sustainability issues outside the classroom in the course of his or her college career.

2013 - Jasneet Bains & Cassandra Trickett

Honorable Mention - Maanya Condamoor

Past Winners

Academic Achievement Award

  • 2012 - Justin Penn
  • 2011 - Daniel Hogan, Hayley Moller
  • 2010 - Sean O’Connor, Gabriel Kiritz, Natalie Ma
  • 2009 - Bryan Moy
  • 2008 - Laura Gardner

Outstanding Service Award

  • 2012 - Sirena Lao; Honorable Mention: Dennis Mabasa
  • 2011 - Ross Bernet
  • 2010 - Daniel Mabasa
  • 2009 - Shahir Masri
  • 2008 - Rashmi Sahai, David Kunugi

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